Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is no joke. It is, in fact, illegal. It’s against the law to harass an employee, fellow employee, a job applicant, or even a vendor or anyone associated with a company that does business where the person being harassed works.


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Harassment can include touching, or unwelcome advances, request for sexual favors, or any type of verbal abuse that is sexual in nature. But harassment does not have to be sexual. It can include anything offensive to a woman, like unwelcome language.

As well, the victim doesn’t even have to be the person being harassed, but someone that is affected by the offensive behavior.

A victim of sexual harassment can be both male, and female. And the person doing the harassing can be male or female. The victim can even be the same sex as the harasser.

Although the law doesn’t prohibit simple things like, teasing, spontaneous remarks, or occurrences that is not serious in nature. Harassment becomes illegal when it is recurrent or to the point that it becomes a nuisance, making the workplace difficult or unacceptable environment.

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