The Basics of Wrongful Termination Settlements

Wrongful termination settlements is said to have occurred when an employer has fired/laid off an employee in direct violation of their existing legal rights. If the wrongful termination law has been violated, the terminated employee can file his/her wrongful termonation settlements employment termination complaint with the government agencies. Alternatively, a private lawsuit can also be filed with the help of a wrongful termination Settlements lawyer.

The “At-Will” concept

All states have now adopted the doctrine of employment “at-will” to a certain degree. This means that employees can typically leave their jobs at any given time without any cause or advanced notice. In addition, it means that the employer can also typically fire / lay-off their employees at any given time without a specific reason. In many instances, employers legitimately ask employees to sign certain agreements or contracts that effectively document & enforce all the terms of this “at will” employment and this shows up in the company’s policy manuals.

The Exceptions

Of course, there are certain exceptions to the rule. Employees as well as employers are not permitted to breach the employment agreements/ contracts or even violate regulations, laws, constitutional provisions/ public policy when they are terminating employment. Exceptions such as intentional emotional distress, breach of implied contract and reliance on an employment offer do exist. “At will” employees can also be fired for certain job-related problems/ non-job-related reasons like personality conflict or the boss not liking the employee’s jokes.

These employees who have been wrongfully terminated have gone ahead and challenged the rules in court and won wrongful termination settlements and compensation. Though there is no fixed figure that can be attached to this kind of a settlement, it can sometimes be substantial. This settlement covers the lost wages and attorney’s fees & punitive damages are covered only under certain circumstances

The Right Legal Help

If a person has been wrongfully terminated and wishes to file a lawsuit against the employer, he/she will have to hire the services of a wrongful termination settlements lawyer. The person will provide the litigant all the details of this kind of filing and help with all the technicalities and legalities. Having a good lawyer can also result in a higher termination settlement and they will also be able to guide the person through the legal system. Since there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to winning a wrongful termination settlements, having the right legal help is top priority.



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