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What makes Discrimination Lawyers? Federal and California job discrimination laws prohibit unequal treatment or harassment on account of an employee’s gender, race, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, pregnancy or disability (mental, physical or perceived). In addition, California job discrimination laws prohibit discrimination or harassment on account of an employee’s sexual orientation, marital status, or “medical condition” (i.e., cancer or genetic characteristics). Call Stevens & McMillan, your Orange County Discrimination Lawyers, for aid in all matters of Employment Law at (800) 738-3353.


Examples of discriminatory acts may include the following:

Refusal to Hire
Refusal to Promote
Unequal Pay or Unequal Pay Raises
Refusal to Reinstate After Medical, Pregnancy, Family Care or Military Leave
Failure to Reasonably Accommodate a Disability

The are federal and state laws that protect an individual from being harassed in the workplace, and that even includes applicants applying for a job – in any case, it is essential to hire the best discrimination lawyers to defeat the case. But what is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment can be unwanted advances, someone touching you, or making suggestions of having an affair or dating, asking for sexual favors for keeping employment, advances in raise or position, or for even gaining employment. Discrimination Lawyers deal with all sorts of harassment cases, so it is in your benefit to contact discrimination lawyers and describe your case.

Harassment can also be making comments about a person’s sex, and in fact, it is illegal to even harass a woman by making offensive remarks. And harassment can come from both men, and other women as well. Sexual can even be from a client or vendor from an employer.

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