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Example of Discrimination: Age Discrimination is an employee who was recently fired from their job, may have the strong conviction that they were fired because of their age.  This is an unfortunate situation, yet it is a prominent occurrence in society today.  If an employee is 40 years old or older, they are considered to belong to a protected class.

This means that under the laws in California, if someone is discriminated against because of their age and they are in fact over the age of 40, it is considered as illegal.  There are other protected classes that are recognized by the state of California such as gender, sexual orientation, race, color, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status, and a few more.  Employees who are treated differently from other employees and this treatment is based on one of the protected classes, that employee needs to make a complaint right away.  Making a complaint in writing and keeping a copy is an efficient way to maintain some type of security in the event of termination.  By putting a complaint in writing, the employee’s human resources department and or the employer is obligated to address the matter and correct the situation.  On occasion, in the event of making the complaint, the employee is fired which could be considered as retaliation and wrongful termination. For a free consultation, call the best Discrimination Lawyers Anaheim!

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